keskiviikko 18. marraskuuta 2009

Ready to mail

Tänä vuonna tein joulukalenterivaihdon Mercedeksen kanssa. Tämä paketti lähtee huomenna maapallon toiselle puolelle :D
This year I did a advent calendar swap with Mercedes. This package is off to the other side of the world tomorrow :D
PS. Mercedes, your package arrived today!!! I'm soooo excited!!!

8 kommenttia:

  1. Oooh... how exciting!
    I couldn't resist taking a peep before each day of advent. I'd be so wanting to know what was in each one.
    Hope you have a fab time opening each up until christmas.
    Nikki xxx

  2. How lucky you both are:) Very nicely wrapped too.

  3. Eeek! Susanna, I'm VERY excited! Can't believe it arrived to you so quickly! You'll have to take a pic of mine all wrapped for me, in my haste to get it boxed up I forgot.
    Bring on December!!

  4. Apua, tuskin maltan odottaa, että tää kalenterirumba taas alkaa ;D Ihanan näköisiä paketteja! Mä en ole uskaltanut kurkkia omiani vielä juurikaan... Teidän vaihtoa tulee olemaan kiva seurata, siitä olen varma :)

  5. Wonderful.. Don't forget to show us what you get each day..x

  6. oh wow! how exciting! I'm sure you both will be thrilled!
    All those little packages are so cute!

  7. OMG! What a great swap idea! You must share pictures of each item. I'm sooo excited to see what is in all those little packaqes!

  8. Wow 25 present swaps...that is a lot of work,but how fun to open at the time it will be 25 days feast for you two!