keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2009

Tiedotusluontoinen juttu ulkomaankielellä ;)

This is a message for my non-Finnish readers, I know there are a few of you out there.

First.. I'd love if you'll leave me a little note in the comments telling me who you are and how you found your way here. I'm just curious, really :D

Then.. I hope you've noticed the little google gadget on the sidebar that translates the text for you. I tried it myself and got the giggles, as the translation is funky to say the least. But you'll get the drift, and if you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

And finally.. Finnish mini enthusiasts have been able to buy my handmade minis at the markets I attend. Now that we finally have some daylight (I'm north enough so the winter days are dark) I got around taking some photos and put up some items in my Etsy store Little Bits of Goodness. I'll be adding more bit by bit.

I'm eager to get to know you :)

6 kommenttia:

  1. Itse ei tuo englanti oikein suju(ei muistaa!), mutta kyllä sitä jotain älysi. Eli tarkoitit ilmoittaa ainenkin jostain kaupasta(netti kaupasta) jossa on myynnissä tekeleitä, vai? :)

  2. Onneksi olkoon etsy-kaupasta, Susanna! Mahtava homma!

  3. Hello Susanna :-)
    I'm Kata, I'm from Hungary, and I love your work very much. I have found your site at Google. I'm trying now to make a dollhouse for myself too, but here in Hungary there are no mini shops, so I have to do all on my own. It will be fun^^ (I have to translate my blog in English too^^)
    Best Wishes,
    Kata from Hungary

  4. Hi Susanna!!!!
    I´m Erika from sweden and I love your work.
    The intresset for miniatures started three years ago before that I made roomboxes with just porclainfigures or just flowers in pots now I creat a livingroom, bathroom or somthing else.

  5. Hello Susanna
    I'm Rinaa from Switzerland. Your Blog is great - i love your artwork! I wish you all the best, Rinaa

  6. Hi Susanna! I'm a miniaturist from New Zealand. I've just discovered your blog, it's great! The things you make are just gorgeous.
    You're right - the translation thing is hilarious!