torstai 17. kesäkuuta 2010

Fun shopping at the fair..

Eli löytöjä Lahden markkinoilta, olipa kiva olla siellä ihan vaan asiakkaana :)
Last Saturday was the miniature fair at Lahti, and for the first time I was there just as a customer :)

Liimaa, viilua ja listoja.
Essentials: glue and useful wood.

Hannalta ihana varis, Katilta kukkanen ja Johannalta pikku kivikissa.
A needlefelted crow, a pretty allium and a fun little painted stone kittycat.

Löytyi myös ihana nenäliina ja tuon voikipon olin tilannut Doloreksesta.
I also found a lovely piece of fabric and the butter dish I had pre-ordered.

Tuliaisia tytöille Johannan pöydästä.
A little something for my girls.

Tämän sake setin olin tilannut jo aiemmin yllätyksenä Mostly Artilta Saaran sushi-baariin.
I had ordered this sake set from Mostly Art earlier for Saara's sushi place as a surprise.

On jotain saatu aikaan työhuoneessakin.
Ja tässä teille koko kaarti huvittavia ja hävyttömiä auringonkukkia..
I've managed to finish some things on my desk too.
Let me present a miscellaneous bunch of sunflowers..

7 kommenttia:

  1. Me encantan tus compras en la feria, son todas fantasticas!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Everything is super. I truly love the miniatures on the 1st picture.

  3. Definately inspired by Floozies :)

  4. looks like more than just an "inspiration" to me.

    I own several of Jayne's Original Floozies and these teeth and lips sure do look a whole lot like hers. If you intend to sell these at a fair, and it seems like you do, then I think it is wrong to have copied her.

    No one holds a copyright on flowers with faces (although Disney and WB might not agree) but you didn't just take her took her design. And that is not playing nice.


  5. Your mini's are lovely!

    I do have to say though that the flowers are a copy in design and concept of Jayne's wonderful Floozies and I own quite a few of her fab flowers. :o)) If you plan to keep them for you own collection that that's okay, but not good or nice at all if you plan on selling them. :o((

    Michelle :o)

  6. Don't worry ladies.. they'll stay in Esther's greenhouse.
    Or be given as gifts.. :)